Scout Dues And Expenses

Returning scouts $75 per year.  

New Scouts $99 first year. $24 goes to the BSA application fee and $75 goes towards pack costs.

Transfer scouts $1 plus $75.

Dues are collected in the Fall, when we start back to school.  We have some of the lowest dues in the metro area, and we've been able to keep them low thanks to strong fundraising sales every year. If your family feels you can't afford these fees please see below. 

Scouts joining a BSA organization for the first time will pay an additional, one time, pro-rated fee to cover the BSA fees for the remainder of the current year.  For 2017, this pro-rated fee is $24.00.  Therefore, new scouts joining in the Fall of 2015 will pay $99.00, total.

Scouts transferring from an existing Pack pay a $1.00 transfer fee, in addition to the pack dues of $75 or $76, total.

How are your dues used?

In early December, we forward a portion of the dues for each Scout to the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) to cover their fees for the following calendar year, as well as a year's subscription to Boy's Life magazine for the scout.

Also, when you join Pack 1417 and pay your dues, you are provided with the following:

  • Cap
  • Neckerchief
  • Slide
  • "1417" pack number patch
  • Handbook
  • Class B t-shirt
  • Any awards the scout earns.

Each year, you are provided a new cap, neckerchief, slide, and handbook to go with your new rank.

This actually puts our pack at a deficit of approximately $20 per scout. So you can see why actively participating in fundraisers and selling that popcorn is so important!

Adult Volunteers

Scouting could not exist without the time and input of our adult volunteers.  The pack pays the BSA annual fee for all registered leaders in the pack. This includes a subscription to "Scouting," the BSA magazine for adult leaders. There are no pack dues for adult volunteers.

Other Activities

For many other activities, the pack can cover basic expenses out of the pack funds.  Examples are Pinewood Derby, annual picnic, annual holiday party, etc.

We will occasionally ask for nominal fees to cover costs on some events.

BSA has a policy,with which we wholeheartedly agree and practice, that no boy shall be turned away from scouting for financial reasons.  Please do not let concerns about money keep your son from benefiting from all that Scouting offers. Contact the Cubmaster, Committee Chairman, or any member of the pack leadership if you need to discuss this. We'll work it out!